We are a small kennel located in South Carolina.  We breed bully style UKC registerd pitbull/American pitbull terriers.  Our breedings are carfully selected and are aimed to produce some of the finest bullies cash can buy.  Our bloodlines consist of 100% Gotti Line and Razors Edge.

Our breeding program is done very selectively and is designed to produce a complete package of excellent temperament, XL head size, wide chest, bone mass, density and ripped muscle tone.  Our bullies are low to the ground and compact.  Producing many colors especially blue.

If you are interested in what a bad ass bully pit looks like then feel free to browse this site, we gaurentee that you won't be let down.  From start to finish you won't find a weak pitbull on this site!

From the compact Viper's Jewel repersenting the Razor's Edge, to the ever beautiful Cream's clone Angel, you can see that we pride ourselves on having only the best.  Thats only the surface...!  One glance at the bloodlines of Stormy's Bruce and Gridlock's Fugazi and you will...well just look for yourself......

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